What Is Alternative Hair Loss Therapy?

Alternative Hairloss Therapy is a multi-therapy approach with Low Laser Light Therapy, nutrition, and topical treatments to aid in the process of hair rejuvenation.
93-100% of hair loss case studies saw new hair growth within 2-4 months where LLT was used in AHLT when nutrition and topical therapies are carefully considered.
Low-Level Light Therapy is a cool laser that effectively stimulates the hair follicles and causes an increase in blood flow which causes photobiostimulation.
Photobiostimulation is the nonbiochemical, non-thermal effect that results from the exposure of living tissue to various doses of energy at various wavelengths from low-level light lasers.
This stimulation from LLT is great for cellular regeneration and stimulation, increases protein synthesis, increases circulation and capillaries. 54% saw an increase in blood circulation after just one treatment. An increase in blood flow to the scalp increases hair growth. 
Hair growth therapy is individualized for each person. Results vary from person to person and hair growth therapy can take from 6 months to a year. Not every individual will require LLT and may only need topical treatment and nutrition therapy. 

Moody Hair Flip

Hair Loss Intake and Consultation

In-depth Zoom Video Consultation with Certified Trichologist and Hair Loss Practitioner, Mandy B., to review hair loss, medical history, hair history, diet, and lifestyle. A recent Blood Panel is Strongly Suggested before appointment.

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